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Since the beginning of times mankind has been collecting wild mushrooms, both for nutritional and spiritual use. For over 2000 years humans have mastered mushroom propagating techniques, like placing colonized trees side to side.

It is a fascinating experience to inoculate the substrate, to see the first white cottony puff balls appear, and watching the mycelium running aggressively in its quest for nutrients. A thrill which will burst into ecstatic joy when first mushrooms pop out to life – of which it is a perfect metaphor: From a microscopic, fairy-like spore dust, it will blossom in the most beautiful and unpredictable ways.

Throughout this miraculous process, South American shamans believe that a strong spiritual bond develops between mushroom crop and its cultivator, almost a paternal connection, hence naming them „God‘s little children’. The cultivator initiates the most enchanted beginnings of a profound relationship, and then witnesses the miracle of germination and the beginning of new life: The mycelium’s race for survival in its pursuit of nutrients.

That bond is excitingly expressed when harvesting time has finally arrived. At this moment, the summit of all effort is surrounded by a sacred feeling of respect and admiration. One thing any cultivator may be sure of: The most sacred mushroom on earth is the one cultivated by yourself- Your own God‘s little child! Nowadays, thanks to the development of the mycelium box, home cultivation is easier than ever before: MycoMate offers grow kits you just have to soak overnight and then place into a bag. That’s it! MycoMate offers a large range of species and kits, plus extensive instruction and info on their website and Facebook profile.

Südamerikanische Schamanen glauben, dass sich beim Anbau von Pilzen eine verwandtschaftliche, ja spirituelle Beziehung zwischen Mensch und Pilz entwickelt. Aus diesem Grund sprechen sie von ‘Gottes kleinen Kindern’.

Der Kultivator impft das Substrat mit mikroskopischen Sporen und kann anschließend das Wunder des Lebens beobachten, das sich in Form des weißen Mycelgeflechts ausbreitet. Die Faszination gipfelt in freudiger Euphorie, wenn erste Pilzkörper hervorbrechen! MycoMate bietet verschiedene Growboxen, die einfach über Nacht einweichen müssen und dann in einem Beutel verpackt zum Leben erwachen.

Neben verschiedenen Sorten und Kits bietet MycoMate auf seiner Seite und auf Facebook ausführliche Informationen.

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