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NOKTAMID aka Joachim Fuchs, nordic by nature, is living in Kiel, North Germany. Way before djing he was already deep into music, playing various instruments, even coming up second in a trumpet competition as a 14 year old as his personal musical breakthrough.

After accepting the bassdrum as the optimum of partymusic between 2000 and 2002 his first live-act came in 2003 with Gordon Bleu. Working with a MacBook Pro and Ableton Live, audio-card and AKAI APC40 he has developed strong ties with many a Swiss artist just recently releasing with ADDA from Zurich the Compilation Cool People Suck!’ on the Swiss label AudioAlchemists Rec. The uniqueness of his sound is due to the fact that he is not really scanning the Progressive-Trance-sector.

Not even trying to sound like someone else, he sees as an advantage, just producing the sound he likes best thereby attaining his very own sound. He also does terrific TechHouse / DeepHouse music as AKeeM’ – watch out for the upcoming first 12′ vinyl-single on the Australian label Akashic Recordings.
At the FREAKPLANET mushroom tour at 3rd of December in Hamburg Noktamid is responsible for rocking the daytime at the progressive floor.
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