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Obey The Beat – gehorche dem Beat! Unter diesem Motto arbeiten die beiden hochkärätigen dänischen Produzenten Vice und Phaxe neuerdings zusammen. Im Interview sagte das Duo, dass sie einen wirklich neuen und eigenständigen Stil entwickeln möchten und deshalb momentan noch gar nicht über ein Album nachdenken, sondern sich auf eine möglichst originelle Live Show konzentrieren. Erste EPs von O.T.B. erscheinen auf SpinTwist und Iboga, gebucht sind die beiden bereits international.

O.T.B. (Pic: motiv @ by Photographer)It’s the decade of collaboration, and a very promising joint venture has just been launched in the buzzing Progressive Trance scene of Denmark: Phaxe and Vice teamed up – and make a very clear announcement: Obey The Beat!


How did you guys meet?
We met a long time ago in Copenhagen, Kevin was performing a DJ set and I (Martin, back then still part of the project Time In Motion) was impressed by his mix and got hold of him after his set, finding out that he was a fellow Dane just starting to release some tracks under the name Phaxe. In January 2013 we joined forces as O.T.B.

How does that work out, in studio?
We are learning many tricks from one another and trying to push our productions, sound-wise, and idea-wise. We do a lot of jamming around before we lock on an idea and continue with the track. It’s important that we advance towards our own style, trying to do things the way we see them, not being afraid to try something new.

Upcoming releases?
The next O.T.B releases will be a two track EP on SpinTwist Records featuring our buddies Morten Granau and Naughty Notes. Then there’ll be another EP on Iboga. We want to dig really deep to find our unique sound before we start thinking about an album.

Will you actually continue your solo projects, as well?
We spent a lot of time over the last year completing enough tunes to create an O.T.B live set, and this has been quite time-consuming. It’s a thing of balance and sometimes it just feels right to work on our solo projects, but luckily we are both flexible and keen to rock some tracks together.

How do you perform live?
We put a lot of work into making new edits of the tracks for every set, making it a smoother transition, giving us more mixing possibilities. We aim to make as many harmonic mixes as possible. Depending on the show we may choose to link two laptops together so we can do more things, but we are both also strong believers in less is more.

Hear O.T.B. live at: Love & Light (South Africa), Indigo Evolution Festival (Australia), Raumklang (Switzerland), Somnambul (Germany).

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