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PhasePhour comes from one of the northernmost countries in the world: Norway. Over the years, they have explored various styles in the Psychedelic genre, and eventually evolved into the one-of-a-kind sound that is often referred to as Scando.

Their multifaceted musical talents have brought them to stages around Europe, the USA, Brazil and Mexico. Recently they joined the label Brother Moon Sister Sun Records. The upcoming release „Monotron EP’ has been announced for autumn, both on vinyl and digital – a good opportunity to ask them some questions…

How did your sound evolve since the last album?

To answer this question, it’s important to explain that the sound of PhasePhour moves within a wide spectrum of genres. For instance, we have done several Chill Out tracks that were released on labels like Aleph Zero, and our last album „Fun From Far Away’ had an introspective view on the Psy-Prog sound. Nowadays we focus our productions more on a Full On sound that works both for mornings and early nights. There is always a Progressive element in our music, with big landscapes and a deeper meaning.

How do you work live?

We are not just a laptop live act, staring onto a screen and trying to look cool. We bring as much equipment as our flight cases can carry, and many elements are played live. It takes time and lots of practice in our studio to get everything right, but experiencing the feedback from the audience…it‘s absolutely worth it! I think our ace is that we compose beautiful melodies.

What inspires you?

Well, we have several musical backgrounds in our project, and also a DJ who has been spinning music for over 14 years, so there are lots of stories to tell. During our live set, we try to connect them into one big epos. Smiling audiences inspire us!

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