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The substance originally associated with Ecstasy is MDMA. But that today the pills can include also various other psychotropic substances, should not present big news to most of you. Since some time, analysis laboratories in whole Europe notice a decrease of the amount of MDMA in Ecstasy pills. It is replaced by two other substances more and more often: M-CPP and 2C-B.
M-CPP provokes rather weak mind-altering effects. Often the negative concomitants are perceived more intense, which can be headache, queasiness and short-windedness. Consumers also frequently report about a continuous feeling of depression during the days after the consumption. This has to do with the fact, that m-CPP influences those chemical processes within the brain, which are also associated with feelings of anxiety and depression.
About 2C-B there are persistent rumours around that claim it to be ‘synthetic mescaline’. Those are wrong. Looking at the 2C-B molecule, it really reminds that one of mescaline on the one side. But on the other side it rather reminds amphetamine (speed). Its effect is described as stimulating on the one hand and clearly hallucinogenic on the other and it strongly depends on the dose. High doses will provoke heavy mind-alteration and hallucinations, which can become stressful or even dangerous for psychologically instable persons.

bright green
weight: 322.7 mg
ø 9,4 mm
47.78 mg m-CPP
7.8 mg Amphetamin
1.2 mg Domperidon

weight: 304,2 mg
ø 9,3 mm
48.2 mg m-CPP
7.9 mg Metoclopramid

pink with dark speckles
weight: 274 mg
ø 9,1 mm
36.24 mg m-CPP
10.4 mg Domperidon

red with white speckles
weight: 263 mg
ø 8,1 mm
25.9 mg m-CPP
27.2 mg Domperidon

weight: 189 mg
ø 7,1 mm
14.1 mg m-CPP

green with speckles
weight: 263 mg
ø 8,1 mm
36.8 mg m-CPP
10.6 mg Domperidon

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