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For many years and more than half of my life i’ve been active as a psytrance DJ and producer. Psytrance is more than a passion, it’s my way of life! You can see and feel it when i’m on stage to bring the best quality music to the dancing crowd.  In 2013, i founded the Psytrance label Sun Department Records together with my friend Chrizzlix to provide a platform for talented DJs, producers and Live Acts and to realize their common dream to bring out good quality psytrance music. It’s wonderful to see more of the world and connect with other tribes especially through this great kind of music.

 I try to pick up the motto of the respective dance event with my sets in order to tell a story to take the crowd on a journey full of psychedelic and driving sounds. There is nothing more beautiful than to get in trance on the dancefloor! Often I creates special intros with which I start my sets. I mixe sound from SDR paired with other good tracks I love and feel partially dependent on time, space & condition.

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