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After half a century of scientific research in the field of psychedelic drugs, we recently had an interesting internet-chat about drug policy change with Omananda whom we met 2002 when we did our research on the DVD ‘Liquid Crystal Vision’. Omananda who produced the unique film, where artists like; Alex Grey, Raja Ram, System 7, Goa Gil and many others share insights about the aims of global psychedelic trance culture has unique views and much direct experience on this subject.

Luna: If we take a look at the current dealings with drugs, you can see that drugs seem to be declared too fast as bad. What do you think is the reason for that?
Omananda: The war on drugs has been unable to discriminate between medicine and drug in its efforts to address a very real problem of social deconstruction through alcoholism and drug addiction that represent the leading cause of illegal behavior, accidents, and death. The urgency to eradicate all illegal drug use has blinded government officials to the clearly beneficial and therapeutic potential of ancestral plant-medicines and more than half a century of Western psychedelic sciences.

Luna: Not only the government has lost their knowledge also it seems that most of the people on our planet do not really know something about it.
Omananda: The general public has little knowledge about this issue. If well informed and legally allowed to, the people themselves could choose to awaken to the healing potential and spiritually enhancing experiences that most often result from the responsible and well-educated participation with these most powerful substances. Many new discoveries of potent psychedelic drugs, such as LSD have created entire sub-cultures and great parties! Yes, we are all born with our natural birthright to fully understand `the truth`. Sometimes this means that we have to go to the `edge` and see for ourselves.

Luna: But are there not still some risks left? Ego-death or near-death experiences?
Omananda: Ego-death or near-death experiences are common and often essential factors to really comprehend the mystery. Experimenting with these sacred visionary medicines can be a way to look into the eyes of the infinite. However, I would not recommend to experiment with these most powerful substances yourself, if you are already initiated into these methods of intense self-realization. Ideally, you would seek out a Shaman who can guide you to these states safely.

Luna: What is your desire for the future?
A free world for everyone, where we understand each other for who we really are so that we can trust, love, respect, tolerate, and work together for the same purpose with joy in our hearts and every action, to build paradise on our beautiful planet EARTH. Since many years, my prayers have been going towards international drug reforms and a change in drug policy towards intelligent education and legalization with an amnesty for the psychedelic drug prisoners.

Hare BOL.

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