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The history of Dacru reaches back to 2001 when this name became a synonym for cosy parties in Belgium. Five years later, a same named label was founded that represented all the experience gathered on the dance floors, of countless events. Since 2006 Dacru Records stands for down-the-line Psy Trance music. Looking at the packed artist roster and the packed release schedule, it seems like it does so even more than ever before
It was label co-founder Koen who coined the expression ‘Full On is not dead, you just need to listen to the good stuff!’ Apparently, this is also the maxim when collecting artists for Dacru from all around the world. Digicult, Ephedrix, Lamat, Alternative Control, F.F.T, Aquila, Chronos, Intelligence and Sufi represent some of the most interesting artists from the field of straight, pumping but also intelligent Psychedelic Trance music. Just recently, another highly interesting act joined the label:

SynSUN. The originally Ukrainian artist just moved to Belgium and brought fifth studio album, due to be out on Dacru in February.‘Alter Ego’ is not a usual album, since it will include 2 CDs – one filled with previously unreleased remixes by the artist himself and a second one including remixes of his tracks by some of the biggest names of the scene: Mekkanikka, Atomic Pulse, Wizzy Noise or The Freak Show. Dacru’s release schedule keeps the excitement going, presenting new material each month: In January there will be the Liquid & Solid EP by Intelligence, in February SynSUN as well as an Aquila EP, in March Ephedrix’ Circle Of Life EP, in April a Digicult EP will be released as a foretaste of the album to come, in May there is also another SynSUN EP is scheduled.

June will witness the second part of the Essentials compilation mixed by DJ Kristian, and another EP by Lamat. Finally there will be more EPs by Chronos and F.F.T. in July and August respectively. Last but not least, Dacru just started a new label named Atmosphere Records, which will focus on Progressive House and Techno music.
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