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We have a few hidden treasures in the forests of North Wales a small crew of people have been partying in the forests and mountains for over 9yrs.

Keeping it real with some amazing free forest party’s

Every year there is at least two major events. In North Wales we are blessed to have the open space to keep one step ahead in the underground Psytrance scene.

The faeriepirates wave the free party flag putting together one of the best underground 4 day events The Blackpearlparty. Featuring some of the best in the UK trance scene.You can find out about local events and festivals happening in the UK on North Wales radio show called the Psytrance network.blogspot

Dj Lorraine – Psilocybe Tribe

DJ Lorraine PsilocybeTribe on facebook
DJ Lorraine PsilocybeTribe on soundcloud

Dj Actarus – Maharetta – Moonloops Records

Dj Actarus – Moonloops Records on facebook

Psylas – Biopulse Records

Psylas – Biopulse Records on soundcloud

2cbeebies – Triplicity

2cbeebies – Triplicity on facebook
2cbeebies – Triplicity on soundcloud

Contineum – Mutagen Records

Contineum – Mutagen Records on facebook
Contineum – Mutagen Records on soundcloud

Svess – Mosaico Records

Svess – Mosaico Records on facebook
Svess – Mosaico Records on soundcloud


Mutaliens on facebook
Mutaliens on soundcloud

Neill Moore – Liquid Records

Neill Moore – Liquid Records on facebook
Neill Moore – Liquid Records on soundcloud

Sutekh – Bom Shanka

Sutekh – Bom Shanka on facebook
Sutekh – Bom Shanka on soundcloud

Zarvox – Mutagen Records

Zarvox – Mutagen Records on facebook
Zarvox – Mutagen Records on soundcloud

Dj Iah – Biopulse Records

Dj Iah – Biopulse Records on facebook
Dj Iah – Biopulse Records on soundcloud

Toxic Tegan – Digital Shamans Records

Toxic Tegan – Digital Shamans Records on facebook
Toxic Tegan – Digital Shamans Records on soundcloud

Nocturnal Project – Tribal Sphere

Nocturnal Project – Tribal Sphere on facebook
Nocturnal Project – Tribal Sphere on soundcloud

Andy Force

Andy Force on facebook
Andy Force on souncloud

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United Kingdom

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Faeriepirates on soundcloud
Faeriepirates on facebook
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Ruthin Wales

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Dark, Forest

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Underground event organiser Radio show host

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I love all types of psytrance but most of all love dark forest tunes.
We are involved in the underground psytrance scene in the forests of North Wales UK

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