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USA_DSC05800PsyTribe has been organizing Psytrance events in L.A. since 1997.  2013 marks our 16th year of consistently bringing international talents to the L.A. scene, 90% of the Psytrance artists who have played in L.A. have played for PsyTribe events. The team is also responsible for introducing Infected Mushroom to Los Angeles, by bringing them out to perform for the first four times, starting in the year 2000. Eventually Infected made their move from Israel to Los Angeles in 2005 and since then have become worldwide superstars.

PsyTribe Los Angeles continues to throw amazing events in L.A. -Some of their most popular ones being Spring Freakuency (which takes place usually in April or May) and The Psychedelic Freak Show, a Halloween event at the end of October. These two events usually take place at a beautiful forested Indian Reservation, which is located two hours South of L.A. in the great outdoors. USA_DSC06151Both events include a 48 hour camp out, a stellar international Psytrance line-up, top notch Funktion One sound, amazing tribal atmospheres and decorations.  PsyTribe events usually draw 1000+ people, but we also organize smaller monthly events indoors and outdoors, depending on the season.

With new PsyTrance scenes popping up all over the U.S., most scenes are still fairly small. The three biggest PsyTrance scenes in the U.S. right now are in Los Angeles-San Fransisco & New York. However the PsyTrance scene in California (Los Angeles in particular) has maintained the old-school Goa vibe,
remaining tribal and authentic when many other scenes around the world have become more modern and concert-like.
Here is a general guide to finding a Psytrance event near you, when traveling in the U.S.

USA_DSC05555If you find yourself on the east coast, look for events by Alladin Project & Fractel Tribe. For Southern California events look up PsyTribe & Greensector in Los Angeles. For events in Northern California, look up Pulse & Symbiosis from San Fransisco.

In addition to these events, a traveller should never forget that one of the most psychedelic festivals in the world is the Burning Man Festival that takes place 2 hours east of Reno, Nevada. This is a week long festival of sustainability, self-reliance, gifting, mass art installations, and a wide array of music culture; A festival that everyone in the world should attend at least once in a lifetime.

Andy Barakuda
founder of PsyTribe Los Angeles
PsyTribeUSA on facebook

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