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After being a very popular product in Smart Shops for many years, magic mushrooms with hallucinogenic properties became illegal in the Netherlands in December 2008. However, there still are truffles. Also known as sclerotia or philosopher stones, their main active agents are the same as those found in classic mushrooms.

Yet the mind-enhancing effect of truffles is experienced by many to be a bit milder and better controllable. Formerly very popular for their range of mushroom products, Wholecelium rapidly became a protagonist on the field of magic truffles. The online shop offers great service and probably the best prices for consumers as well as resellers.

Not to forget about the quality: Recently, Wholecelium announced their own truffles to have grown remarkable stronger.

In fact Wholecelium is much more than an online shop. The Dutch crew is passionately involved in drug education and policy and last but not least in biological development. Already at the beginning of this year, they introduced a new growing method. Since it takes quite a long time for truffles to ripe, the effects were noticed only in September. And they turned out to be better than ever expected: The new generation of truffles includes 50% more active substances!

Apart from that, the company now owns a new vacuum sealing machine. All truffles are shipped in units of 12 grams, no matter if 1 or 10.000 packages have been ordered. In their air-tight plastic wrappings they remain protected from the oxygen in the air, which keeps them fresh and strong for a longer period of time.

However, the truffles are still metabolizing when they‘re shipped, so they will produce CO2 gas that might cause the vacuum to become less tight. This process will be stopped if they are stored in the fridge after they arrived, which usually lasts only a few days. Even if they are on their way for a longer period of time, this will not present any problem.

Beside high-quality truffles, Wholecelium also offers growkits for mushrooms. These boxes contain pre-grown mycelium, the vegetative part of funguses. Following some easy rules, they make possible cultivating mushrooms on your own in only 10 days.

Finally there is the new Wholecelium blogazine. Currently still in its beta-version, this new feature of the website informs about current developments, technologies and educational issues- A great enhancement for the anyway great website that includes the entire product range as well as extensive information about the several shipping opportunities. Apropos: Shipping is possible to all around the world.

Wholecelium announced ‘some surprises’ to come before this year end. It’s unknown what exactly these surprises will be but there is definitely something cooking

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