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tumblr_mvwy04mWSv1rxl4mgo1_500Music needs no language to be felt and understood, this could not be more true for the following case.  The article is about a very interesting narrative doled out by one of the pioneers of the Palestinian Psytrance scene. He talks about the manner in which he, along with his friends would cross illegally into Israel just to attend the festivals.

He says, “I saw my buddies being arrested in front of my eyes, just about 80 metres away from where I was hiding. You know, we literally had a high price to pay, when all others needed to do was to buy a ticket.”

And then he states, “They could build the highest walls between our nations, but no wall could stop music from uniting us as one.”

A must read…but please remember that it’s a personal opinion held by an individual and should be taken as such. In the event that some readers might find something that contradicts their viewpoints, remember there not to shoot the messenger. Here’s the link: Click Me

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