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The African drum beat journeyed to Goa returning with a tweak of psychedelia in the early 90’s and since has boomed phenomenally, with open-air events filling every weekend of our extended silly-season (Sept-May), continuing through winter with the odd outdoor frolic and quality indoor parties throughout.

Our culture is predominantly based around Cape Town, where you can find the largest gatherings such as Alien Safari, Vortex, Rezonance, Earthdance and Origin Festival + many fine fiestas by the Groovy Troopers, Organik, The Village, Beartrap, Noisy Radicals, MMD and Psynopticz to name a few. Smaller crews like Mind Cultivation, Afriscot, Altered States and Ultranoize also add their fresh flavours to the menu over recent years, which is seeing big growth of passion for progressive thanks to the quality efforts of the ‘Love and Light’ and Equinox crews, who host a few open-airs through summer.

Tripping up the SA coast you can find fellow freaks jamming out all around the Garden Route, up to Wacky Woods near Jeffries Bay, around Port Elizabeth and all the way through Transkei to Durban with the Psyforia, Festival of Lights and Amadeadly crews. Inland around Joburg you can get involved with the full power vibes at the Tswaing Crater, Revolution New Years, Fu-Cha Gatherings, Teknotribe and Red Eye productions. Each with its own magical essences to offer, whether you prefer more intimate gatherings or getting lost in the randomness of thousands…
choices are aplenty!

SA has hatched a couple of world renowned labels (Nano, Nexus Media and Timecode) with recent additions also making waves (Expo Records, Kaos Krew, MMD and Psyology). Among some of our talented producer exports are Headroom, The Commercial Hippes, Broken Toy, Lost and Found, Rinkadink, Shift, Slug, Artifact, Deliriant, Biorhythm and Rubix Cube, including many top DJ’s who can hold the vibe on any of the biggest festival stages with style + oodles of fresh talent always emerging. The locals always show massive appreciation for a good performance and cries for ‘1mores’ are regular! Over the years SA has evolved into one of the most sort after destinations in the world for international psytravellers, boasting mind-blowing locations, world-class party crews, talent to tantalize your every senses and some of the most down-to-earth die-hard stompers.

If you have ever thought of visiting, the time is NOW! With favourable exchange rates, relatively low cost of living and one of the most full power vibes in the world, you are guaranteed to have an AMAzing time!


The most important Psytrance related label:

Nano Records
nano records on facebook

More labels


The most important Party/Festival:

Origin Festival

More parties:

Deco artist:

Name the most creative deco artist:


More deco artists:


The preferred music style in your country:

ALL styles of psychoduideluk sounds

Party times:

Main Open-air season from September – May

Afterparty culture.

…the party NEVER stops ;-p


R50-R120 for regular indoor club events
R120-R500 for the open air gatherings

Drug screening:

No, but common to find police road blocks before the entrances of the bigger gatherings.

Best places to eat:

tripavisor/cape town/restaurants
many options



Funny Stuff:


South Africa has 11 official national languages…but all understand the international communications through music ^_^

About the Author:




Cape Town

About You:

DALA is the creative musical expression of Dale Bird, a fiery spirit born & raised into the South African events industry, where he has been deeply involved with production, marketing, sound and lighting setups (including engineering live bands), décor installations, onsite & stage management at all level of events, from grassroots initiatives to corporate showcases and world-class open-air festivals. He started DJing in the late 90’s, joined Nano Records in mid-2000s and since has flourished into one of the top Psy-exports from Afreaka! Many years on & DALA has built a solid reputation within the international Psy-Familia, sharing his infectious positive vibes at a wide range of gatherings including: Universo Paralello {Brazil}, Sunshine Festival {Japan}, Monte Mapu {Chile}, Elixir Of Life {UK}, Moonflower {Argentina}, Amazonas Andes {Bolivia}, Origin Festival {South Africa}, Earthdance {Cape Town & Sao Paulo} as well as all of the biggest psy-gatherings in Southern Afreaka (Rezonance NYE / Alien Safari / Vortex / Groovy Troopers / Cosmogenesis / ONE Festival / Tswaing Crater /Mozamboogy and many more…
Contributes regularly to high profile media platforms, such as the Psytrance News section of the internationally renowned Mushroom Mag.

DALA is also hands-on involved with the Nano Records happenings, assisting with A&R, promotions and has recently released his Sacred Vibrations compilation, which has been rocking the charts & dance-floors around the world ;-p

Your favorite Psytrance music ?

Funkadelic Grooves

Your Role

A&R + Performer for Nano Records / Various Event Productions



Your Facebook Page:


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