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Digicult is well-known for a style that has lot of soul and a touch of oldschool grace.

A chat with the Belgium duo.

What have you been up to recently?DigiCult - Pic by

The previous album already dates from May 2012, but people enjoyed it very much and the gigs are ever increasing. In the last months we’ve been to Israel, South Africa, Mexico, USA and of course all over Europe.

What’s cooking in your studio?

The 4th full album is taking up most of the time at the moment. It is due for release on Dacru Records after summer! It’s gonna be something special for sure.

What are your plans for the summer?

Besides working on the album, the agenda is pretty full. We’ll visit some good festivals like Tree of Life in Turkey, Zagoa and Land in Morocco, Nova’s Incident in Belgium, Psy-Fi in Netherlands, P.L.U.R. in Greece, Insomnia in Portugal, and more.

Tell us about one thing you are really excited about at the moment!dacru_logo

Dacru Records is setting up another remix contest for young producers. We are pretty excited to see what they can do with our track ‘Every Single Second’. If you are interested to participate, please visit or our Facebook page for more details. There’s some cool prizes to win!


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