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AJNAs Labelname steht für das indische Chakra „das dritte Auge“, welches klare Auffassung und Kreativität symbolisiert. Tanja Vana, die Gründerin von AJNA übernimmt Verantwortung für die Umwelt, benutzt natürliche Ressourcen, legt Wert auf Nachhaltigkeit, hält sich an den Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Auch die Kollektion 2014 vereint Mode und Spirit. Das Modestatement wird so gleichzeitig Ausdruck eines Spirits: Natürliche, modische Kleidung aus sozial kontrolliertem, fairem Handel.

Check out the 2014 collection of the awesome clothing by AJNA.

Ajna Organic
As an independent entrepreneur Tanja Vana, foundress and head of AJNA Organic interacts with natural resources respectfully. A belief mirrored in the fashion label‘s name AJNA. Ajna stands for the Indian chakra „the third eye“, meaning clear perception and creativity. By travelling around the world, visiting exotic and foreign cultures, acquiring skills and techniques Tanja converted her clear perception and creativity into her very own style. Plus knowledge, quality and sustainability are one. Therefore, AJNA‘s specific respect of nature translates into using solely organic materials in a sustainable way. Thus attired in Ajna‘s clothes you will feel both very comfortable, truly naturally clothed and also feel good with regard to manufacture and production procedures.
Since the label commits itself voluntarily to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), certified organic material as well as ecologically compatible colours are a must. Moreover, all steps in manufacturing are checked. Therefore, AJNA clothing accepts environmental responsibility and yet guarantees long lasting pleasure and supreme wearing comfort. While wearing AJNA‘s fairly traded clothes you are displaying more than just love for fashion you also express a spirit, love for nature and natural harmony.

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