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The psytrance scene in Austria is one of the biggest in Europe compared to the size of the country.
Its history started before the mid 1990s. Trancers went to events like Garden Eden and Shambala and around the turn of the millennium to Kobersdorf mill and the castle of Landsee. The legendary Sonnenklang Festival with around 10 dance-floors and up to 8,000 visitors became the highlight of the scene between 2003 and 2007. Austria’s biggest international yearly open air events are; Spirit Base Festival at the border of Austria and Hungary and the F.L.O.W Festival in July –both lasting for 4 days.

The Children of the Future Festival of old-trancer DJ Goandi in September marks the end of every outdoor season. During wintertime there is Paradise Winter Festival with its outstanding deco concepts, however, the Paradise Summer Festival will not take place in 2015. A new highlight this year was the winter F.L.O.W Festival in a huge circus tent near Vienna. The beginning of the outdoor season every year is the traditional 1st May free party in Vienna of DJ Kajola and zero gravity – here you meet all fraggles of eastern Austria yearning for the summer that starts this day.

Over the past years, the Austria’s scene has been growing continuously – this is the result of high quality parties, good producers and very healthy local scenes. Many local producers like Materia, Aioaska, Mayaxperienca, Ianuaria, Soundlab Pirates and Malice in Wonderland have had a big international impact and travel around the globe from festival to festival. Not to forget the Austrian based Record Label ‘24/7 Records’ that is leading in its musical genre. The Centres of the scene in Austria are Vienna, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Upper Austria and Graz. Vienna gathers the most important party tribes and locations. The well-established Cosmic – Space Disco takes place on a monthly basis in some of the best club-venues of the city. The Soundlab Pirates tribe launched a successful party series but also Echosphere and Synthesia represent regular psychedelic/progressive events in Vienna.

Lucid Dreams gather the experimental and dark-psy crowds. The Together Trance Project stands for full-on and DJ Alezzaros Progressive Selection for more proggy sounds. The Weberknecht club organises parties also during the week. If you like spiritually ritualised parties try the Avaloka parties of Manuel and DJ Gobayashi. The central psy-shop is the Aurinshop or Spaceland in Vienna for flyers, info and getting in touch with the psy-crowd. Also Salzburg has a very lively scene with a lot of different events like the famous Otherland parties, in Tyrol Insane Visions and Psybox. In Upper Austria the biggest events are Mondton, Progressive Selection and Klangbewusstsein. In Lower Austria, it’s the Tripudium and Böllerbauer and in Styria the Trikaya and Together Trance, not to forget the Aum tribe of Vorarlberg.

Famous Austrian psytrancers:

VJ El Geko (Psynema), the Phoenix Fire Dancers, Andi Astronaut, VJ Sikanda, the Extradimensional Space Agency,
the publishers of the Goa Book – Tom Rom, Pascal Querner and many others.

Text: Tom Rom (Journalist and psyronmental activist) & The Funny Astronaut
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