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Psychedelic celebrations are already firmly established in the 90’s , here in our little Belgium..I started at the open air festivals of dance a Delic early 2000.

Which was a turning point in my choice of music and partying . It all started with the Oldschool sound that is well known. In the year 2003, the Full -On sound more emerged ( Melodic , And a lot of Israeli artists) . And it was a nice mix of both styles . Today, the Old School sound is still very poulair in Belgium . With Suntrip Records certainly known for their Melodic , Uplifting Goa -Trance , which brings you back to the old days . Also Greentree Records is one of the leading Psy -Trance Labels in our country . With many more releases and parties in the main stream Psychedelic Trance genre . They brought already nice Live Acts to Belgium.And ofcourse Dacru Records also gives great partys,more focused on FullOn Psychedelics . Also Internationally known for their artists and nice releases.And the Unio Mystica events are also worth a visit if you are in Belgium . They have parties in many styles and genres of Psychedelic Trance .

So something for everyone in our small country . With every weekend a party somewhere , so you will not get bored that’s for sure .The most partying is into smaller cozy remote locations.But sometimes it is not easy to find a location for Psychedelic partys ,and the police sometimes stops a party!Of course there are regular greater Mainstream partys, whit a lot of famous and upcoming international Live-Acts.And in the summertime we have a few Open Air Festivals in Belgium. But A Big Psytrance Festival from 4-5 days is still not possible in Belgium.

So tHATS iT nOWADAYS,,, hOPE 2 cu sometime on Belgium Playground.

Cheers , Sebidelica


Main Artist:

digicult on facebook

More artists:

  • Bitkit (Dacru Rec)
  • Aquila (Dacru Rec)
  • Anoebis (SunTrip Records)
  • Agneton (Sita Records)
  • Sebidelica (Unio Mystica)
  • Strophoria (Unio Mystica)
  • Norion (Dacru Records)
  • Foose ( Greentree Records)
  • D-Ther ( GreenTree Records)
  • Yani (Dat Records)
  • Scope
  • Lucid Mantra (GreenTree REc)
  • Hashashin (GreenTree Rec)


The most important Psytrance related label:

Dacru Records

More labels

GreenTree Records
Suntrip Records

This are the 3 leading Belgium Psytrance Labels, and there are not many more labels.


The most important Party/Festival:


More parties:

Unio Mystica- They give more deeper Psychedelic Partys,but also Fullon & Progressive, Bigger and smaller events.Suntrip- They give the more Olschool Party’s together, whit old is gold and a few more organisations.And they bring back nice names from the early days.Dacru Rec, gives tribal partys oldschool patys and fullon partys and serves us whit many great names.GreenTree,, gives us the more main stream Psychedelic events & some nice Downtempo 😉

Deco artist:

Name the most creative deco artist:


More deco artists:

  • bhaskara
  • xibalz
  • Mystical forest

The preferred music style in your country:

Oldschool, Night Time Psychedelics,FullOn

Party times:

The most partys are from 22utill9u,,,but it depends sometimes longer sometimes shorter, it always depends of the location,,,but for sure minimum 8hours.

Afterparty culture.

There is a nice afterparty culture in Belgium, and you will always find people who are in for a afterparty 🙂
There are a few afterparty clubs , but not of the psychedelic genre.
There are also many daypartys on sunday. But more whit the techno sound.


  • The prices variate from 5 till 25 euro
  • It depends mostly from the Line-Up & The Location.
  • The drinks are mostly about 1,50 eu for a beer and soda
  • Water is mostly cheaper or free.
  • Coctails are about 5-6euro

Drug screening:

Drugs is Illegal in Belgium.Always watch out. You can smoke on most partys but it is forbidden.You can have a small amount of weed in your possesion, but the police will always take it when they take you. There are not that many police controls on partys.Sometimes it can happen. If you are whit car & they stop you. you will have to do a Alcohol test, and if they think you used drugs they can do tests,and call a dokter for a blood test. which can cost you a lot of money. Always watch out if you drive on something. Better let a sober person drive after the party 😉

Points of interest:


Best places for activities:

  • Belgium Beers
  • Chocolate
  • Brussel,Gent & Antwerpen
  • The Ardens
  • AmusementParks
  • BicycleTours

Best places to stay:

  • Hotels
  • Youth Hostels
  • Couchsurfing
  • Campings

Best places to eat:

You will find every kind of food in Belgium.

Funny Stuff:


Belgium has the highest income tax of any OECD country; Brussels’ Royal Palace is bigger than Buckingham Palace; a Belgian founded the Holy Roman Empire; French-speaking Belgium is the world’s biggest producer of comics per capital, it is a Belgian who founded New York City, the first printed newspapers in the world was published in Antwerp, Belgium.

About the Author:





About You:

Dj Sebidelica is Steven Sebrechts. He started dj’ing in 2000 just as a hobby … using vinyl; ‘old skool’ style. “In the old days I mostly played elektro, techno and acid. I really liked the acid releases that came out these days. In 2001 I went to a dance-a-delic festival, and I heard psytrance for the first time. In those days the music was more filled with that acid sound, so i fell in love with psytrance immediately … and the crowd of course, gotta love’em. I really digged the locations of the psytrance-parties. It was love at first sight. I started collecting psytrance mostly from Psyshop and Kairoo records and switched from vinyl to cds eventually. Those days I mostly played @ afterpartys, birthdaypartys and small venues. A few years ago I joined Psysky Records and with these guys i played on several bigger parties in Belgium.In 2011 I joined Unio Mystica & from then it go’s verry smooth playing on many partys in Belgium,Holland and Thailand In 2013 they signed me to MUTAGEN RECS as Label-Dj based in London. Also giving the Unio Mystica Events Its a verry bissy time!!

Your favorite Psytrance music ?

Deeper night time Psychedelics

Your Role

Im a Dj, Partyorganiser and Psytrance freak


Your Facebook Page:

Steven Sebidelica on facebook

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