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Exhausting splashes of color overload, images sizzling your mind, huge objects, strings and stretches – Buju Decoration stands for creating whole new worlds, full of fantastic creatures, plants and magical animals.

The artist is well known in the scene as Wirtzy. His vision has no ends which means that the parties and festivals he decorates leave no single blank or empty space. As a matter of fact, Wirtzy takes care that the party fraggles can flow away into his own imagination, into new exciting worlds. He has created a whole jungle with parrots and palm trees, insects and other animals, an aquatic realm with all kinds of fish and corals.

Not only has the talented artist made a name for himself in and around Hannover and all over Northern Germany, his deco work has been displayed all around Germany: Indian Spirit, Antaris, Waldfrieden, Visions of Nexus, Luna Club, Schwarzlicht Milieu, Waldfrieden, KitKat – just to name a few.

But it is not only parties where Wirtzy displays his decoration, furthermore you can also book him for kid events like tales time or childrens birthdays

Name: Thorsten Wirtz (Wirtzy)
Location: Hannover, Germany


Multi colour stretch concepts, tailing works with airbrush design, fantasy worlds

Short artistic biography

I have been creating decoration for up to 17 years, from which the last six years have been the most important: I turned it into my one and only job – and love it!

Current projects

At the moment I work on new pictures to form my new psy jungle. Also, I work on a totally new concept for the Psy-Circus (Stretch).

What inspires you, how do you find new ideas?

I find inspiration in nature as well as in my life.

What does your art work meant to you?

My deco is my life‘s work.

Your most memorable experience during creating deco?

Sitting with my crew by a fireplace..

If your art work was an animal, which would it be?

My art work would be a green dragon.

What is the message you want to communicate with your art work?

I guess my message ist o make people happy and to transfer people in other dimensions.

Your favoite deco-artists

The Frogz and Caliquento Art.

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