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Once in a while each one of us feels the eternal yearning for a safe place with boundless elation and peace, where the surreal thoughts can develop fancy free. Xavi, our cover artist, who also designed the artist sticker card, describes himself as an ambassador of such a world. Furthermore he sees himself as a universal optimist and this optimism is clearly reflected in his paintings.

He creates utopia in his illustrations by playing with light, colour, form, and space and enslaving their attributes in a fascinating way. Thus he suggests the multi-dimensional existence of humans. One could say, that this filigree representation of nature stands for the instability and vulnerability of our environment. The heart of the meditating figure, similar to a labyrinth, and the quest of the true core of the essence, which is in the middle of oneself. Contemplating his paintings, for me there is always a melody of harmony and transcendence, which appears over and over as a symbolic element.

If you want to get more inspired by Xavi‘s drawings, then you can view his profile on myspace. There he presents more of his work and shares more personal information about himself. Perhaps you might find an image, which teleports you to your yearning place, at least for a moment.

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