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cannafest1If you are a true hard-core cannabis devotee, then you have to attend Cannafest 2014, which is an international trade fair of cannabis and medicinal herbs. Running strong into the fifth year, its portals are pimpin’ out to welcome in visitors from the 7th to the 9th of November2014, at Incheba Fairground in Prague, Holesovice, (Czech Republic).

2013 was dynamite for Cannafest. A record number of exhibitors from 21 countries turned up, and these numbers in terms of its reach, topped Spannabis, an annual global cannabis trade-fair held in Barcelona.  If you thought 2013 was great, wait till you see the itinerary for 2014, which is bursting at its seams. There’ll be exhibitors presenting top of the line cultivation technology, fertilizers, seeds, smoking paraphernalia and vaporizers. You’ll get to interact with manufacturers of cosmetics, garments, foods, and media, who are keen on elevating cannabis awareness. Associations representing companies that rally for cannabis legalization, as well as companies that utilize cannabis as either a natural resource, or medical drug, will be salting the already scrumptious soup.

In order to make the experience as hassle-free as possible for visitors, the organizers are implementing a variety of clever innovations and solutions, such as easy check-ins that eliminate pile-ups outside the gates. Lukáš Běhal, Director of the trade fair, stated that the bull’s eye of Cannafest’s interest would be painted on the medical applications of cannabis. The program for a three-day conference which will be presided over by a panel of experts is being finalized.  Lumír Hanuš, a leading expert on cannabis from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, along with a delegation of cannabis experts from Israel has confirmed his participation.

Cannafest has revamped its advertising campaign to align with the goal of ’normalizing cannabis usage’, i.e. to raise awareness that the plant is not necessarily used exclusively by the ranks of the non-conformists. Běhal states, “The new Cannafest campaign primarily focuses on the fact that cannabis concerns all people across all segments of society. It is not just the leisure activity of teenagers or an act of rebellion of hippies and people interested in alternative lifestyle. Today, successful managers, model-like girls, conscientious mothers or any of our parents or grandparents are interested in cannabis and its versatility (and they are willing to openly talk about it).

10641183_788477024529198_3857059574384336308_nIf you are worrying that it’s just going to be ‘serious’ talk about cannabis, paint a smile on that face, there’s a whole load of fun stocked up for you. You can test out vaporizers at the Vapo Lounge, and inhale the medicinal plants that are being featured. Or you can crash at the Cannafest Cinema which will be playing cannabis based feature and documentary movies. Fashion fanatics can gawk at the range of cannabis couture. Healthy lifestyle huggers can enjoy the cannabis catering offered by Cannafest.Parents can leave their small children at the supervised play area, while they scout around the trade-fair.  Mums can make use of the private areas created especially for them and their younglings. And…to cap that delicious tower of fun things to do, visitors can hang out atRolls and Smoking Chillout Zone located in front of the exhibition palace. Radujte se, and see you there.

For complete information, visit the Website or the Facebook Page.

The Schedule:

Opening hours for all visitors

Friday   7 November 2014             11:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Saturday   8 November 2014        11:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Sunday   9 November 2014           11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Ticket prices:

1-day ticket                                          CZK 200   (in presale at CZK 150)

3-day ticket (not transferable)              CZK 350   (in presale at CZK 250)

ZTP/P holders (persons with severe disabilities) + guide     Free of charge

Children under 14 accompanied by parents                         Free of charge

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