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Get to know Reshef Harari a.k.a. Captain Hook like never before:

Self-Portrait of Captain Hook aka. Reshef Harari: Paint your soul!

What influenced you to get into your field?
10807146_10203988380042263_983803480_nBasically everyday life, traveling, alter state of consciousness experiences, movies, different type of music, love, healing.

As an artist, what role do you think you play in society?
An artist 🙂 a person that can paint your day in a colorful way, a person that is helping to tune up the frequency of our planet.

Creating on a regular basis can be a bloody tough job, so what motivates you to press yourself into the workstation every single day?
First of all its important to wake up in the morning, keep a drug free mind, go to sleep in a reasonable hour and basically maintaining a healthy life style can be very helpful with getting the muse for everyday studio production.

Do you get nervous before a performance/exhibition?
If its in a huge rave, or a place i haven’t played before then yes, as well if its a scene i haven’t played for a long time.
What quality do you admire the most in others? What quality do you like about yourself the most?
I like honesty, when a person is being honest you can learn so much than if he was fake and just telling you what you want to hear. I can relate myself into that, into being an honest person, one that will tell you in your face the truth or whatever he feels, to clear the energy and to keep it real.
Which phase was the hardest/scariest in your life?
Hmmm…I feel that when i broke a vertebra in my back it was the scariest, i was very concern about my health as well booking started to get in (just started the CH project) and it was very hard for me to maintain, who knows me personally how hard that phase was for me.
Any embarrassing/funny moments? Yes, you’d hate to disclose your secrets but we’d love to hear.
One of the funniest moments in the last seasons for me was when I made a bet with my mate Tetrameth. I said he wouldn’t be able to hack a Mexican I-Phone I had, but obviously he thought he would hack it.So we bet on sniffing a fat line of Wasabi…and what do u know, in the end he couldn’t hack the phone, so he took a big fat wasabi line up his nose… we recorded the whole thing and laughed for days! Still have a smirk on my face when writing this down, heehee.
When have you been most satisfied in your life? Care to share one of your happiest memories?

Hmmm. that’s a tough one… but whenever I finish a project such as an album it’s a very happy moment, when everything is done, music is dope, mastering is fat and the cover is deep and meaningful. Then, it’s time for a celebration and releasing some steam.

Everyone starts somewhere, what was your first job before you got into music?
True Dat…I was a back liner in a sound & light company, learned eq’ing & compressing on live bands was very helpful as well as fun! Did sound for theatres and traveled the country on the road for a year, doing sound & lights for ballet shows as well as some clubs, was hard but worthy, since lots of young producers are studying in sound schools how to eq / compress / distort, I studied that by actually doing it live.

Flash-forward in time. You are now really old. What would you tell your children/loved ones?
Still writing my story…I’m not even close to the middle. So have no idea what to tell them 🙂
Into the time machine again. What do you miss about being a kid?
Being innocent, the 80’s & 90’ had this special innocent vibe, I miss that.
Excessive chopping dulls the axe. Time-outs are a must. What do you do when you take time off from creating?
Got any hobbies?
10811551_10203988380482274_2131541156_nWhen I’m off I like traveling, sightseeing, visiting ancient cities and museums, as well I love driving, road / off road rides are a rush for me, had a turbo car in the past and now I own a motocross 4 wheeler, it’s pure adrenaline.

The genie comes out of the lamp and grants you one wish that will change the world. What would you wish for?
World peace.

Ideology of Captain Hook: Beliefs that bake your brain:

How do you connect to the spiritual side of yourself?
Healing sessions with my girlfriend, writing a deep trance track with meditation samples, consciousness samples, psychedelics.
At the end of the ride, everyone’s looking for some form of success (tangible or not),
what does success mean to you?

To be able to make a large group of people happy as well as to be able to influence a scene.
 We are almost done. Give us a nutshell of you the life philosophy/motto/mantra that you clutch close to your heart.
“Who is investing, is reaching”, in any aspect of life, devote yourself to your deepest love with no holdbacks or second thoughts, dedicate your life to it, give it time cause time has no meaning but timing is everything, be present and you shall reach it.  (DJ Bog “Visual Paradox” told me that around the year 2000)
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Interview by Luca

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