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BurningMan_2014_Art_Gimbel-12Care to bounce on a trampoline, or ride a gigantic dragon, or maybe you want to stare at a mantis for a while? Burning Man’s got it all, and a lot more that will get your head spinning.

Each year thousands of free-spirited people converge in the dust of Nevada’s Black Rock desert to celebrate the different forms of artistic expression, which make life worth living. A temporary city is created in the desert, a week later, the inhabitants depart leaving the sands untainted by the human activity.

downloadThe festival is filled with dazzling art installations, fire-dancers, performers, laser shows, and a fantastic artist line-up. One of the most spectacular displays was the burning of the 72-foot installation, aptly named the ‘Embrace,’ which took a year to build. Matt Schultz stated that the ‘Embrace’ was created in order to get people to question the challenging nature, as well as the beauty of death. In a heartbreaking twist, the death of Alicia Cipicchio in a tragic bus-accident, made the burning of the installation even more significant. Life is but a wisp, in the wind.

Here take a flight over festival:

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