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From the deep and mysterious South American jungles comes the ferocious sound of Diksha!

Diksha elevates your consciousness to a state of unity. The sound is a transformative energy that allows understanding and deepening of yourself, with others and with life. It is able to activate brain areas that promote the change of feelings and emotions, and amplify the perception. Diksha live came to bring a new meaning to psychedelic music and transmit sound frequencies through the awakening and understanding the connection to the paths of knowledge and evolution. David Caramello from Piracaia, Brazil has been plugged into the electronic music matrix for quite some time now. He is half of the well known project 2012. Diksha is a blasting mix of arcane synths, perplexing noises, and robust basslines, a sound vortex, a mind and body attracting powerhouse ready to make any dancefloor explode with roaring power. Be prepared, this is serious nocturnal Psytrance…no fluff, no cheese, just sheer power. His 5 track EP KOSMOS is out now on Catalyst Records. David is also resident dj at Respect festival, He will play at Monte Mapu (Chile), Earthdance, Mozamboogy (South Africa), Andean Tribe (Bolivia), Universo Paralello, Respect Festival, Samsara Festival, and Zuvuya Festival.

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