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Light and shadow, plus and minus, on and off, zero and one: The binary principle is probably the most profound one of our nature. In the end, it’s always the play between two polarities that makes magic happen. This metaphor perfectly describes the approach of Zero One Music.

Gathering a Round Table of talent and creative genius, the UK-based label is constantly developing a binary code, written for one very purpose: Upgrade the psychedelic music programme, and by doing so upgrade the listener’s mood.

Looking at the catalogue of Zero One, it’s hard to put a label on the music. There are danceable Downbeat grooves, there is sunlit, low-BPM Tech Trance and night time Psychedelic Trance, and quite everything in between. Obviously the code of Zero One is open source! As a matter of fact, the label is based on a democratic structure, all decisions are made by all artists. This again explains the open-minded release policy.
At the moment, Zero One is preparing a series of events in Japan, Mexico, and the UK that aim to showcase the rich psychedelic variety of the label, represented by resident DJs like Brian Sentient, Paul Taylor and Digoa.

The label‘s first release is Reboot, a compilation full of the label’s artists, to be released end of July. Followed by EPs from GMS, Poli, K.I.M., Touch Tone, Soundaholix as well as the debut album of 1MG, a promising new project by Bansi of GMS and Nyimo, one of the Last Men Standing.

Zero One founding member Earthling teamed up with Chromatone, the name of their mutual project speaks for itself: Everblast. A debut album will be released end of August. Furthermore there will be a remix compilation of Earthling tracks, including LOUD, Brainiac, Materia, Joti Sidhu and Psysex. Towards the end of this year, there is another, very special remix CD, presenting up-to-date remixes of some early Goa Trance hits from the 1994 – 1997 period.

Als demokratisch geführtes Label zeichnet sich Zero One Music durch eine offene Release-Politik aus: So lange die Musik im Kopf der Hörer außergewöhnliche Zustände provoziert, ist alles erlaubt! Dabei mangelt es nicht an renommierten Namen und spannenden Projekten: Das erste Release ist die Compilation Reboot, ein musikalischer Überblick. Es folgen EPs von GMS, Poli, K.I.M., Touch Tone, Soundaholix sowie das Debütalbum von 1MG, dem neuen Projekt von Bansi (GMS) und Nyimo (LMS). Außerdem: Remix Compis zu Earthiling Tracks und Goa-Klassikern von 94 – 97.

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