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The psytrance scene in Sweden is growing right now as weeds. One can practically find a party every weekend in this big country . In southern Sweden the SFA ( Skåne Party College) and MOA Experience usually offer proggressive and a little fullon. Often with guest artists from our progressive neighbors in Denmark. In Gothenburg it has appeared several new organizers lately. “Northen Lights” is one, focusing mostly on proggressive part of the scene, and a little psy.

“Electronic Culture” that offers a little wider spectra of the scene. On their first minor events¨it was mostly played proggressive and psy music, but on their little bigger events at larger venues they´ve always had two dance floors with top notch deco (from Sabi ) , where the main floor offered more psychedelic and a bit darker music and alternative floor techno, progressive and fullon . “Connected Network” are one of the most established organizers in Gothenburg and they always offer great sound and deco! Their focus is mostly towardsthe psy and fullon , but they usually also offer some progressive . More or less every event they have includes some international known live acts from around the world. Another well established organizer that offers large, international world class artists , both in terms of music and deco, are The Genesis Project ! They mainly focus on the proggresive trance scene and they always go “all in” in terms of artists , venues and deco, and they always book the hottest names on the progressive scene and well known deco teams from all around. (Such as Uhu Crew, Flower Of Life etc) They also arrange the “Genesis Festival” (3-6 th July ) which is the first completely legal psytrance festival in Sweden ! It’s a big step for psytrance scene in Sweden and they do a fantastic job! Flexible is the oldest active organizor in Gothenburg and maybe Sweden and they still have their traditional celebrations on Christmas Day and May Day on the old ship “RioRio” still bobbing in the canal in the center of Gothenburg.

For zenonesque / dark progressive and darkpsy fans usually the “Skrimmel Skrammel” crew have a few parties every summer that typically has two firstclass dark prog live acts , one or two darkpsy live acts and wicked DJ´s. Momento Mori , Love Darkness , Carpe Noctum & Tivoli Massacre ( Altius Birthday ) are some “have to go to” parties for all the darkpsy heads that recur annually. They offer top notch darkpsy and awesome deco!! In the capital Stockholm, Techno State are the biggest organizer and they make big parties with lists of internationally known fullon and proggressive act´s . For those who like a little more psychedelic, proggressive and zenonesque tunes, SPDIF makes good treats with phat lineups. For those who like the darker forest tunes, “Mind Gamers” makes parties with high quality deco and rally sick sound! Now when the summer is comming the parties move out from their underground venues and out to the fantastic Swedish nature among forests, lakes, swamps and moss. The first big outdoor party is the “Daylight Open Air” which kicks off the season in May for the eight year in a row. It´s a really popular event that starts early in the day and people come with their BBQ´s and just enjoy´s the music in the so long awaited sun. The next major event is “Love Forest ” which is an annual hippie gathering going on for 4 days in late May. It´s located in the forests of Värmland and has become a very estimated tradition among the hippies and psyheads of Sweden. On June 5th ” The Dance Of The Planets” take place in southern of Sweden. “The Dance Of The Planets (Dance for Mamma Gaia)” is a spiritual psytrance gathering for all ages. With a family camp for the little ones, an alternative scene with live music and a main floor with vibrating psytrance, both dark and light, this gathering creates wonderful meetings and possitive vibes!

In June ” Rhythms and Tones ” – with Blue Hour Sounds is taking place a little further up the country. They offer first-rate psychedelic music, cozy chillout etc. Midsummer is one of the biggest holidays in Sweden, and then the bigest all legal psy-festivals in Sweden occurs. I am talking about the “Forest Star Midsummer Festival 2014 20/6-23/6”.It is an incredible celebration with a beutiful children’s area, really nice chillout area, market area, nice food both veggie and meet, etc etc. The festival takes place in magical forests of Urla outside of Hjo. A really beutiful event of highest class! Meanwhile , a smaller party outside Stromstad that has become a fine trdition also takes place : “~ Safari ~ Return to Mission ” In late June, specifically the 28th has “Connected Network” makes one of its major initiatives this summer. It´s in the Gothenburg area and is called : “Connected Forest “. As usual they promise cutting edge sound & light system , three dimensional psychedelic decoration installation and psychedelic mindexpanding backdrops.

In July it is time for the the “GENESIS FESTIVAL 2014 ( July 3 to 6 )”. One of the biggest psy festival in Sweden.(If not the biggest) Packed with international live acts the line up can be comprered to a German/European psy-festival. They have a nice chillout, market, food stands, workshops and so on. The festival takes place on an ex old military airbase. This year’s coolest new feature at the festival is paramotor flight that gives guests the opportunity to experience the festival from above. The week after it’s time for ” Hur Gör Djur ” in the southeast of Sweden, which is a 4days full power psychedelic celebration of the darker kind. With a lineup full of darkpsy / forest artists from all over Europe, it is one of the parties/ festivals that stand out most in Sweden this summer. You can take a walk from the mainstage to the lake and take a swim in under 5 minutes. Thay also offeres a cozy chillout, mindblowing deco from Locus Pocus (Spain) and crazy sound!

At the end of the same month (Juli) it is time for “Connected Network´s” biggest party : “Connected Experience”. It´s taking place outside Gothenburg and as usual, you are invited to sound, light etc, of highest quality. Same day “Mind Gamers” are having their recurring event: “Once Upon A Time” in Sockholm. The also recurrent darkpsy event ” Momento Mori ” takes place outside Gothenburg in early August. And to conclude this busy season, the 28th of august “PROJECT EVERGLADES ” kicks of and goes on for 4 days inside the magical forest between Gothenburg and Oslo. At the magic party area you get more or less the entire spectrum of psytrance and also techno on the alternative floor. The lineup is full of international acts such as Ital (CHI), Sonic Species (UK), Paracozm (BR) Noctilus (DE) and so on. But also our Swedish pride´s such as: Hellquist, Alter Nature, Altius etc. There is a cozy chillout where you can enjoy a little quieter sounds, eat food, rest or just mingle. There are large bonfires to BBQ or just get warm at and a small pool in the mountain were you can chill in the poolbar. There also is a partybuss driving to all the biggest events in Sweden and it is called Elektrotravels. It also drives to some festivals in Europe. it is a very popular and fun(!!) way to get to the parties and sometimes acts as a pre-party with a dj onboard. 🙂

So, as you can see it´s a lot happening in psy-Sweden this summer. The scene is growing and what these small cozy parties in the Swedish woods offer is really something special! It is truly magical to be standing and stomping to psychedelic tunesin the Swedish forests. Hope to see you there soon 😉


Main Artist:

Hellquist, Locig Bomb, Artax, Procs, Derango, Hallucinogenic Horses, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Atmos, Hux Flux, Leenuz, Triptaktik, Nangijala, Diffus, Altius, Cyko, Makadam, Kluster, Krumelur, Human Blue, Son Kite, Vibrasphere, Ticon, Ibojima, Imajica, Andromeda, Tegma, S-Range, Vance, Solar Fields, Etnoscope, In Your Phase, Grydemix BK, Wizack Twizack, Medecinmannen, Beyond Value, Shamantra,


The most important Psytrance related label:


The most important Party/Festival:

The preferred music style in your country:

Progressive, psy/fullon and darkpsy. In that order.

Party times:

Usually the parties starts around 22.00 and goes on to 06.00 if its indoor..
Open Airs usually starts around 18-20.00 and goes on intul 10-12.oo

Best places to stay:

There is some good hostells… And we have a law in Sweden that says that you are allowed to camp anywhere for 24 hours. So tent is a good option 🙂

Best places to eat:

The Swedish pizza and kebab is awesome!

About the Author:


Pétur Jr Asgeirsson (Azgeir)



About You:

I have been dj ing and making parties for some years. I was away from it for a couple of years but started again about about 2 years ago.. (maybe 3?? time flies 🙂 I´m one of the two guys having the Campfire parties. Also one of the two guys behind the Electronic Culture Parties and the Project Everglades. Im also one of the members in the psy-projects Grydemix BK and Psydemokraterna. I also have released an EP together with Medecinmannen on BAM rec called “Chasing Sunrays”
chasing-sunrays-ep on beatport

I also have a solo project: Azgeir wich also is my Dj name. 🙂

Your favorite Psytrance music ?

Progressive psy

Your Role

Party organizor, Dj and music producer.


Your Facebook Page:

Pétur Azgeir on facebook

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