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ILAI - Adren copyright by Stefan Paun

ILAI – Adren copyright by Stefan Paun

After playing dj-sets when 16, Ilai, born 1987 in Padova ­(Italy) started to produce under the name of Freak System and released first tracks on the Italian label MK Rec. in 2005.

Then playing on some of the biggest events in Italy and other countries, his new project became DJ Ilai in 2008. Shortly after he got signed on 24/7 Rec. ! His track ‚Psychedelic Answer‘ was exemplary for the style: phat bass, embracing groove, psychedelic melodies. He has also created a project with his friend Dj Dust (Andrea Lunghi) named ‚Mind Shuffle‘!
Ilai´s first EP called ‚Impulse‘ came out in 2010, a full length album in 2011 and another EP followed.
In August his 2nd album named ‚New Tomorrows‘ will be released, including groovy day time stompers, beautifully arranged solo tracks with remixes of Zen Mechanics, Sinerider and U-Recken. Also included are collaborations with top artists: Disorder, Endeavour and Spec3. This album is not to be missed and is set to rock the souls of dance floors worldwide!

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