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Few, if any producers match the idea of contemporary ambient music like Ishq do. As a matter of fact, their debut album ‘Orchid’ could be described as genre-defining. It set an example that has been aimed for by many, but that has never been reached. However, now there is a good chance that this remarkable impact will be renewed, since Ishq just released the new album ‘And Awake’ on Interchill Records.

Asked about the special qualities of Ishq, Interchill’s label head Andrew Collins explains: ‘Their debut album ‘Orchid’, which we released in 2002, has become an absolute classic and continues to sell really well to this day. There’s a gentleness and mysticism to their work and you do find yourself floating off on a magic carpet where times slips away and dissolves. People who do yoga, bodywork, massage, meditation, healing all love Ishq!’ His words also describe very well the character of ‘And Awake’, which includes 9 profound tales to listen to.

Ishq’s new album is part of Interchill’s avant-garde approach towards quality music that lasts, an approach that proves to be appreciated very much: The title ‘Bombaclaad Star’ from Liquid Stranger’s ‘The Arcane Terrain’, which the Canadian label released last summer, was #1 in the Beatport Reggae Dub charts for over 12 weeks and still is among the top 5 now, six months later. Interchill tracks by Kaya Project and Liquid Stranger have been placed in this winter’s top ski and snowboard productions.

In terms of release policy, the label now has a special offer on its Bandcamp page. Ordering a CD includes the free download. Quite a nice idea, especially when sending the physical CD to a friend Since more and more artists start releasing their own music, Interchill now offers artist services, including digital distribution via IODA. In this way, the artists can outsource specific tasks to the Interchill team. Now that is forward thinking!

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