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The hyperactive Geomagnetic Labelhead from San Francisco combined DJ and VJ to a multimedial experience.

Please tell me something about your work as a DJ/VJ?
Writing music AND making 3D animation together really captures the essence of psychedelic art in motion. Transforming songs into its essential components and designing thematic elements that interpret the symbols and metaphors of the collective unconscious into imagery that tells a story. On stage the ultimate combo is when I DJ and VJ simultaneously performing live 3D animated musical compositions aka the Mindstorm Project.

Which direction will DJ/VJing go to?
For creating visuals and audio now more prog3rams have integrated features to allow better interaction of audio influencing visual FX. Inevitably we are coming into the age where a single performer or team will create/perform both audio and video which brings us closer to full immersive experiences.

What is your vision concerning Live Audio/Video performance & DJ/VJing?
As a producer of music AND visuals I feel it is crucial to inspire people and encourage them to create their own reality through positive proactivity in their life. As a performer it’s important to make a stand for integrating all of my skill set to create the ultimate dance floor vibe.

What‘s the idea behind Geomagnetic.TV?
Our mission is to empower the next generation of creative folks while creating a firm foundation as a spring board to high-end independent film production and immersive realities. The GeoMagnetic label family paves the way for music and visuals content distribution as well as creating immersive events and going on constant world tours. Our vision: Create a sustainable path to success for the creative generation. Check out our latest releases: SPUN ON EARTH DVD/CD & GOA TRANCE VISIONS DVD/CD ‘Party On a Disc™ Series’.

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