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How can art become a psychedelic or even a visionary experience?

We live our entire lives bound by the physical restraints of our senses. I believe that phenomena such as synesthesia help us to realize that our senses give us a representation of the real world, but due to their physical restraints that representation is biased. I remember as a young man being struck by modern art such as Picasso‘s cubist work that show models from many viewpoints in just one image, or Duchamp‘s „Nude Descending a Staircase’ which depicts the entire movement of the model in just one image. I was liberated. A skilled artist could accurately portray our worlds in ways that transcend the limitations of our senses.

And that is why you like microscopic structures?

My education is in biology so I have taken courses in microbiolgy, invertebrate and vertebrate zoology and botany. I was always impressed at how the further away from humans we get the more surreal the images become. This, of course, is a bias we have. So I love to take images of the very small, of leaves, flowers, insects, sea shells and even mechanical devices. It gives me a different perspective of reality.

Obviously you like computer-based work. Tell us a little about your technique!

I was introduced to digital art through photography. I moved from that to Photoshop and expanded my skills in compositing images using layers. I also discovered fractals (I use an older free version of Tierazon for fractals) and fractal flames (I use a Photoshop plug-in called Frax-Flame and a program called Apophysis). I began to add to my computer skills by using 3D programs such as Poser for human figures and Bryce and Vue for landscapes. I have just recently begun to create better starscapes through digital paint in Photoshop instead of relying on plug-ins to do the work for me.


Während seines Studiums der Biologie entdeckte Karl Eschenbach aus dem US-Bundesstaat New Mexico, wie surreal die Welt bei genauerer Betrachtung auf uns Menschen wirken kann. Hieraus erwuchs seine Faszination für Makrofotografie: Ein Blick auf die feinsten Details unserer Realität erinnert uns daran, dass wir aufgrund der Grenzen unserer Wahrnehmung nur einen Teil der Wirklichkeit erfassen.

Ein Künstler kann durch seine Arbeit diese Grenzen jedoch verwischen und so ein visionäres Erlebnis schaffen. Dies ist Karls künstlerischer Ansatz, den er mit Hilfe der immer weiter wachsenden Möglichkeiten der digitalen Bildbearbeitung verfolgt.

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