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Looking at the chemical structure of methoxetamine, it is very similar to ketamine, which is why it fits into the dissociative family of drugs. To understand the effect of these substances, it is important to know that human personality consists of various aspects: consciousness, memory, identity, and sensual input from the outer world. Normally all these components work perfectly together as a unit, the individual personality. A dissociative drug blocks signal transmission within the brain and as a consequence ‘splits’ the different parts of the personality from one another. Personality ‘breaks apart’…

Known as MXE or under the rather weird name ‘roflcoptr’, methoxetamine has recently found its way into more and more noses, under tongues and into asses. The effect it provokes in these ways is described by some users as similar to ketamine but less stressful and chaotic. Besides a strong feeling of dissociation, the effects include hallucinations, feelings of floatation, time delusions, and euphoria.

Being a research chemical, methoxetamine is still legal in many European countries- at least technically. In some countries, the purchase and possession is legal as long as the substance is not intended to be used for humans or animals. Little is known about the typical dosage, the course and the duration of a methoxetamine trip, so even many drug education projects describe their ‘safer usage’ rules as speculative. Apparently oral or sublingual consumption provokes a longer effect than nasal or rectal use. Being a research chemical, practically nothing is known about the long-term effects of the drug. This of course represents a serious health risk.

Chemisch mit Ketamin verwand, bewirkt die Einnahme dieser recht neuen Research Chemical einen dissoziativen Effekt.

Die individuelle Persönlichkeit setzt sich aus verschiedenen Aspekten zusammen: Bewusstsein, Erinnerung, Identität und sinnliche Wahrnehmung der Außenwelt. Dissoziative Drogen hemmen die Signalübertragung des Hirns, bringen das Konstrukt aus dem Gleichgewicht. Die Persönlichkeit „zerbricht’ Manche User beschreiben die Wirkung von Methoxetamin als ähnlich wie Ketamin, jedoch weniger stressig und chaotisch. Über typische Dosierungen, den Verlauf und die Dauer des Rauschs wissen selbst die einschlägigen Aufklärungsorganisationen bisher relativ wenig. Über Langzeiteffekte ist gar nichts bekannt.

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