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The style of Hamburg’s Felix Stöver is unmistakable and well-known and popular from numerous party decorations, flyer and cover illustrations since many years. The picture on the cover of this issue carries the name ‘Fish Dances’ and was inspired by a same called song from The Irresistible Force aka Mixmaster Morris that can be frequently heard in Felix DJ Sets. The motive on the Artist Sticker Card was created rather spontaneously: The artist wanted to create an organic contrast to the angular structures on the left side of the painting and developed the character that reminds a sea dweller. To underline the exotic-tropical style even more, Felix added the ocean surface and the palm-lined beach. The honeycomb-like line structures on both paintings represent some kind of invisible energy architecture and were created by using tape stripes which could be painted over first and be removed afterwards. Felix comic- roots are still noticeable, although these motives mean some kind of stylistic development.