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Gaia-Sunshine_BakkePicWhen earth meets the sun, the result is an explosion of beauty, energy, and of course Gaia Sunshine! The act was born with a big-bang when Mama Gaia (Ylva Ek) and Emelie Sunshine (Emelie Dsilna) merged forces in 2012. Mama Gaia began Djing from 2005, whereas Emelie Sunshine started in 2011, both were close friends and their common passion for psy-prog turned them into a super-insane act.

Their gig-list comprises of impressive venues like Tree of Life Fesival Turkey, Earthdance Switzerland, Evigheten Festival, Genesis and Freakplanet Mushroom Tour. The prog-trance DJanes from Stockholm, Sweden are setting the dance floors ablaze with their powerful and brilliant sets. Catch their shows for a solid dose of pure ecstasy.

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