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From her colour encouraging love, the painter Gaya Camponi drawing her unique and shining masterworks is able to charm the entire world. The doctor of visionary art who always leaves her mark travelling all around the world. She gives life to her works by animating the places she visits with her paintings of sober and precious pictorial art, with deep and meaningful contents that she realizes, paying close attention to the messages she wants to share. Each painting is never created without a complete sense or meaning. Her paintings are the expression of spiritual projections that are now a part of her.

During her working days the pictures realized are the expression of the images that she has in her precious mind. She is able to relive the elevation of consciousness by recalling out body experiences and astral travels. Visionary art is an artistic style realized through mystical experiences that the painter lives. It‘s the transzendent spiritual wisdom of humanity. An high pulite sense that is developed only in this sensitive people. The art emerges out of the artist‘s inner journey into the realms of collective vision. It’s a way to show themselves feelings and experiences. Only strong persons are able to put themselves in a picture that everybody can see. The artists shows herself to the world, all her fears, thoughts, way of being are showed in her masterpieces.
Her works are shown during exhibitions and events. They are always inspired by her experiences that the artist wants to share with her audience and her estimators by making them participate in this high form of consciousness. Other works instead are drawn in inspiration of concepts of the Quantum theory, which Gaya prefers. In these pictures there is no space and time. She is able to show us through it the fundamental material that we are not able to see. It permits its odd effects in profoundly important ways. In fact in one of her most popular picture she shows the weak hydrogen bond that holds the twin strands of DNA in the cells of all living organisms together, loosely enough to be peeled  apart for metabolism and reproduction to take place. This is what a quantum phenomenon is. It’s a mix of science and art that will impress you.

She is a lover of conceptual art because it allows her to share images that talks about energy and make us reflect without having to speak for hours of more common concepts such as awareness, third eye, connections, dreams, unconditional love, elevated states of consciousness and spiritual highness. In this way she gives the opportunity to those who looks at her work, to ask questions. Once her audience sees the light of the soul tending, allowing the awakening and inner growth in a natural way, their open minded and souls are closer to this art, the effects can be different from person to person but most important is the message and feeling that they bring back inside their  hearts.

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