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It was back in the 90ies when the already long-year friends UV and Zirkin travelled the world for a while. This trip led them also to the realms of electronic dance music and they instantly fell in love with it. After staying in Amsterdam for a while, where the two of them collected first vinyls, tapes and gear, they eventually headed back to their home Israel and started the Doof Project together with two more good friends, Barkash and Rontal.

doof recordsThe idea was an underground party organization, promoting low-cost Psy Trance parties in Israel’s deserts and forests. This project again led to the foundation of Doof Records in 2001, a platform to share the music they loved so much with the world. The great success of this label also inspired the crew to create a musical offspring a little later: Dooflex Records presents a little lighter psychedelics such as U-Recken, Nitro or I-Drop.Currently the 35th Doof release is being finalized: ClockStopers is a hyper psychedelic collaboration between the label acts Terranoise and EverGreen. It will most probably have a similar mighty impact like the new I-Drop album, which has just been released on Dooflex and gained massive feedback on dance floors all around the world.

Doof RecordsThe Doof crew also kept on promoting parties. Their annual Doof Festival even became the biggest Trance event in Israel, a nation which is well known for being everything but poor in Trance parties. Situated in a truly magic place on the shore of the Sea of Galilee, this event brings together a happy family of a few thousand smiling faces, gathering to celebrate and enjoy all the great aspects of nowadays Psy Trance scene. Whoever went there describes it to be a unique experience- maybe due to the still very underground motto: ‘We don’t create the vibe, the music and the crowd do!’

Special attention is paid to a smart line-up that will keep the party on an ecstatic level for full four days. Though both Doof Records and its sister label Dooflex already have a great artist roster, they are always looking for new talents to keep the Psy Trance culture fresh and vivid. The label founders gave us a useful tip for up-and-coming producers: ‘Experience and knowledge are two things that are obtained through time and hard work. You can be super talented and creative but if your sound sucks, your track will not do what it was meant to do. So keep practising and spend time to achieve your very own sound’. Once the work is finished, Doof is looking forward for full-length demos. Keep in mind to include your email address in the name of the high-quality MP3 file so the label can contact you easily. And don’t be too disappointed if it does not do so: During our interview, the Doof crew ensured to give a listen to every single demo – there are just too many to react to everyone.

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