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Natural Beat Makerz - Groove Inspectorz © by unknown

Natural Beat Makerz – Groove Inspectorz © by unknown

The enthused Makerz of Triphonik are testimony to the vitality of Trance culture – the label NBM Records puts a lid on their wide array of good vibes. When Frenchmen from Toulouse take their hobby serious then something very prolific like Natural Beat Makerz might come about. NBM created in 2012 very much cares for the development and sharing of Trance culture therefore they are up to their ears into organising events, booking artists, and also set up the label ‚NBM Records‘.
It began in 2012 when some very enthused, passionate guys went for producing in earnest massive events, ranging from Psytrance, Techno Minimal through Progressive. So step by step they slowly started to gain a name and ran several projects booking famous artists like Day Din, Captain Hook, D-Addiction or Major 7. But it wasn‘t until this year that NBM‘s enthusiasm and managerial capabilities were really put to a test with organising the Triphonik Festival in March. The Triphonik attracted more than 4,000 people and turned out a great success. Moreover, it was there at Triphonik that 2 other notorious crews of French Trance joined: World People and Hadra. Never pausing to celebrate past laurels NBM also manages the career and the schedule of several artists, e.g. Groove Inspektorz. An explosive duo of producers with a groovy Progressive Trance who have played at Burning Mountain, Hadra and Steel Park. Hypnos, a member of Inspektorz Groove, and Dj HP, the sexy pirate, also contribute to NBM, not forgetting Hanbleceya, Beat‘n‘Juice, Marco Messari and the DJ Miss Tick who played at Ozora in 2012. The label NBM Records is well under construction, first releases are planned for the end of 2013, promising artists as Perfect Stranger, Groove Inspektorz and Capital Monkey. Binding all projects is the motto: Share the smile and the good vibe of its members!

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