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Extensive voyages to the outer and the inner world, meeting many different people with many different ideas, exploring urban and nature scenarios: These are the influences that shaped Martin’s attitude towards life. To share this experience, he discovered the medium: Music, the universal language. During the past 10 years, Neobeo became a popular acoustic storyteller in the Chillout music scene.

Martin Brune comes from the countryside near Cologne. His first DJ experience was with classical Trip Hop and Dub records. Nowadays, he is playing more digital stuff. ‘Everything can become a form of meditation, once we arrive in the here and now and leave behind our thoughts like clouds passing by. So I really love the moments when I feel the music and when I combine it with each other without thinking’, Martin explains.

His passion led him to a number of events in Asia, like the Mountain Madness Festival in Nepal or the Magic Park in Goa, where he used to be resident in 2009. Also, he could be heard at all the big, international festivals in Germany. Asked for his set on Freakplanet, he replies: ‘It will be a dreamy musical landscape with a slight touch of winter.’

Top 3:
1.Biosphere Genkai-1′ (Touch)
2.Gui Boratto Trap’ (Kompakt)
3.Max Cooper The End of Reason-Ambient Rework’ (Traum)

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