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Talking about the lively scene hot spot Hamburg and the famous North German open air summer, there is one particular name that will be mentioned sooner or later: ov-silence. There have been 8 same-named festivals between 2000 and 2007.

Also the Morgentau Open Air 2010 was co-organized by ov-silence. Last but not least there is the annual ov-silence Summer Opening: Since 12 years, this event marks the beginning of the better half of the year for all Trance freaks from Hamburg and environs. This year the free open air was attended by an incredible number of more than 10.000 visitors!

Behind ov-silence stands passionate scene activist Oliver Stoll aka DJ ov-silence.oli who started promoting parties in 1998. Besides all the projects mentioned in the beginning he nowadays runs Juice Club, Hamburg’s No. 1 address for Trance parties and afterhours.

What some might not know yet: In 2001 he also started a music label named ov-silence Recordings. Until 2005 it released various CDs and vinyls, including early material by Neelix, the legendary North German Progressive bounce of Shiva Chandra or scene pioneer Sangeet, as well as Tristan, Hydrophonic, Freq and NOK.

While many labels complain about their difficult situation, ov-silence Music returns from its 7-year hibernation and presents a very promising schedule full of both digital and physical releases (see box). The musical style will be as varied as known from the events, which is to say beats from 134 – 143 BPM, ranging from deeply psychedelic tunes to crunchy Progressive stuff. The global soundtrack for an outstanding regional party culture!

Den meisten ist ov-silence wohl als Synonym für die lebhafte norddeutsche Partyszene bekannt: Sei es das von 2000 – 2007 abgehaltene Open Air, die Bootspartys im Hamburger Hafen oder das seit 12 Jahren beliebte Summer Opening.

Was einige sicher nicht wissen: Ov-silence ist auch ein Musiklabel. Vom Gründer und Juice Club-Betreiber Oliver Stoll aka DJ ov-silence.oli im Jahre 2001 ins Leben gerufen, hat es bis 2005 u.a. Shiva Chandra, Neelix, Sangeet, Tristan, Hydrophonic, Freq, NOK und Psytrain veröffentlicht.

Nun ist es nach 7-jähriger Pause zurück und legt ein ansehnliches Programm vor (s. Kasten). Mit Musik zwischen 134 und 143 BPM wird es ähnlich abwechslungsreich zur Sache gehen wie auf den legendären Partys!

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