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Creative Commons english

Creative Commons provides a straightforward copyright and licensing system that enables creatives to share their work with the public. The crucial point is that all licensing is free of charge. An artist might give away for free his work. However, he keeps the actual copyright and may set various non-monetary conditions, like e.g. that his material may not be used for commercial purposes. There is an easy-to-understand system of CC-symbols, each determining one condition of usage.

Creative Commons german

Die Grundidee der Creative Commons-Lizenzen ist die gewinnfreie Weitergabe von geistigem Eigentum (z.B. Musik, Fotos), ohne dabei die eigentlichen Urheberrechte aus der Hand zu geben. Dafür stehen verschiedene Lizenz-Komponenten, wie z.B. „keine kommerzielle Nutzung’, zur Verfügung. Sie werden durch ein einfaches System von Symbolen repräsentiert.

Open Source

Think about recipes: Everyone can use them, but one person might add a pinch of extra spice, the other might replace lentils with peas. This is exactly the idea of Open Source. It became really popular with the rise of computer software. Publishing the source code of a programme enables everyone to improve or modify it. The Linux operating system or the Mozilla products are probably the most popular Open Source software today. Open Source eventually even became a metaphor for the freedom of communication that comes with the internet.

ACTA and SOPA english

The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) are basically reactions to the massive illegal exchange of music and movies via the internet which causes severe economic downturns for the according industries. Even if many do like to believe that Hollywood is a mega-rich world anyway, and doesn’t suffer from stealing their products, the moral problem of stealing is not yet solved. The actual problem with SOPA and ACTA is that they strive to introduce measures that severely affect the freedom of information in the internet and that set questionable models of responsibility. The entire issue is too complex to be explained in these few lines, so get informed in the internet and don’t just watch those fancy 3-minute videos, but read a little!

ACTA und SOPA german

Der Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) und das Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) sind im Grunde Reaktionen auf den massiven Austausch von Raubkopien über das Internet. Das eigentliche Problem an beiden Konzepten ist, dass sie die Informationsfreiheit im Netz empfindlich einschränken könnten und teilweise fragwürdige Modelle der Verantwortlichkeit einführen.

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