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During the past 10 years Yellow Sunshine Explosion (YSE) became well known as a label specialized in compilation releases like the popular ‘Goa’ series, for example. But as some might have noticed, there was change going on.

After the former distributor SPV had to declare bankruptcy and Alexander Ligowski surprisingly gave up his position as the label manger of YSE, DJ Bim put a lot of effort in reorganizing the structure of the enterprise. Since autumn 2009 he managed to find a new distributor and also slowly but constantly modified the philosophy of the label: Working together with the major distributor Edel created the perfect conditions for becoming a ‘real’ record label with interesting artist albums being released.For instance there is Sirion from Hamburg whose second album is scheduled for summer.

New label head Bim is specially fascinated by this artist because he represents a musical approach that became really seldom nowadays: Classical, melodic and harmonic Goa Trance produced at moderate tempi. Another promising act is Plastic Vibe, the new project of Dejavoo’s Francesco Mura. Pursuing the motto ‘less is more’, he creates a symbiosis of classical, UK-styled Psy Trance and contemporary Techno music. This combination turns out to develop a unique hypnotic effect on dance floors.

In April there will be a remix album of Ovnimoon’s Geometric Poetry, which recently gained amazing feedback worldwide. And finally Bim also discovered the extremely high creative potential of the Balkan States and thus even founded a new ‘Balkan department’. One of the most popular producers from this area might be E-Clip, whose debut album has just been released on YSE. But also projects like ManMachine or Middle Mode represent a new style which is kind of reminiscent of English oldschool productions but also introduces a new structure of Progressive sound.

YSE will also keep up its CD compilation tradition, for one very important reason: In this way also new talents can be supported, whose work otherwise just disappears in the vastness of digital-only releases in the internet. Also the label shall become independent from its actual mother-label Millennium. A new website is currently under construction and will be launched around middle of the year. It will include an online shop where new releases can be purchased either physically or as download and also the entire back catalogue will be available there.

Supported by Tim Schuldt for mastering issues, Jens Rauhut for artwork and Manfred Endres for distribution and shipping, the label has a very solid crew and very good resources for future projects.

Last but not least Bim expressed thanks to all the fans out there who supported Yellow Sunshine Explosion by buying its releases during the past years.

Y.S.E. Records on bandcamp
Y.S.E. Records on facebook

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