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Pleasant news from the mushroom front: After they became illegal in the Netherlands in the end of 2008, Magic Mushrooms now might be legal again around the middle of April. After a group of activists have been intensely working against the prohibition during the last months, everybody is waiting
for a new verdict from the judges now.

Jasper from Mush-e-Mart, who is one of the most active persons in this lawsuit, feels pretty positive about the possible outcome. In court some reasonable arguments concerning suspected psychological harm through mushroom use but also beneficial effects in different therapies have been asserted. And if that appeal is successful, the victory would be historic and could be used as precedence in other trials. If successful, the consumption recommendations for the mushroom products will have to be adjusted to accommodate the opponents‘ objections: The dose for a trip could be halved to avoid particular ‘negative incidents’, to which the prohibition proponents always referred. Still available totally legal are growkits and Philosopher Stones and accounting for the present situation this will not change in the near future. But there is also a serious threat that the legal status of Marihuana in the Netherlands could become a target of the new drug policy. More interesting background information is available on the new portal of the activists.

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