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OddwaveHe‘s the one who knocked. No, he‘s the one who kicked in the door with a bang: OddWave has been one of the most up-and-coming names during the last open air season. His shuffling, subliminally Glitch infused „I‘m The One Who Knocks“ could be heard at quite every open air floor. Often during one of OddWave‘s live sets, as the artist had a busy tour schedule.

„There was a strange-looking guy who was dressed like a priest and who was carrying a huge plastic penis. He stared at all the artists with a weird smile… It was kind of creepy, but we also had a good laugh!“ Obviously OddWave had a fun time playing at Hadra Festival. This open air has been only a particularly glorious station among many other outdoor adventures. The always changing flow of OddWave‘s music gathered a considerable fanbase since he released his debut album X² last year. One moment it‘s dark and twisted Psytrance, the next moment there‘s the uplifting lightness of Progressive Trance… really hard to put a finger on it. „I explored many styles of music before, like Hip Hop and Jazz, and I‘m also the guitarist in a Metal band named Mechanical Decay. Some people tell me they hear that I‘m a musician above all.“ Well, that explains a lot! The avangardist style of OddWave makes him a perfect match for Hadra Records, a label that ­somehow manages to release an amazing variety of different tunes. OddWave‘s comment about the French crew: „Conscious people, a big family, really helpful, switched-on and highly motivated. Thank you so much!“ So Hadra is also the label to present OddWave‘s highly anticipated new EP, named „Something Else Around Us“. Even though the adventurous European summer has come to an end, the future looks very bright: „I‘m really proud to play in other countries, it‘s a dream come true. The year 2015 looks amazing already, some very exciting bookings, some releases… and the idea is to create an album while traveling and meeting producer friends all around the world.“

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