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What is it, that makes a really good DJ? To be specially nimble-fingered on the decks? Well, that cannot be the right definition, as Pascal Kleiman proves: He was born without arms and therefore also without fingers but nevertheless became a really good DJ!
When Pascal started mixing records in 1989, he did have the typical problems that beginners are experiencing: Finding neat synchronization and gigs. In comparison, his disability caused absolutely no problems for him. Due to a very strong support from his family, he was encouraged to do all the things with his feet that other people do with their hands from the very beginning. With great success: Today Pascal enjoys cooking for his sons, just appreciates playing some Wii games with them afterwards. On stage, he does not need any other equipment as every other DJ, he just needs a seat on the same level as the mixer to twiddle the knobs properly with his toes. On his homepage you will find some videos that show his skills in a pretty impressing way!

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