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Music and  the Psychedelic Connection

Music and psychedelics share a close relationship, The emotions encapsulated in the music is brought to life by the ingestion of certain substances. Starting in the 1960’s under the influence of psychedelics, there was a massive explosion of counter-culture radicalism which lead to the blurring of the fixed lines of race and religion. People from a diverse range of backgrounds began to unite under the common banner of music.

The complex patterns of music are made more evident through psychedelics, and the listener begins to weave their moods into the music, whereby creating a holistic experience for the mind, body and soul. As many users say, it’s like an out of body experience, whereby one travels into their own realites.

The loss of ego that psychedelic music facilities is of prime importance, the dissolution of barriers, that leads the person to their true self.

This is a documentary about psychedelic culture, featuring Bear in Heaven, White Fence, Doldrums, and Daedelus.

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