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singing plants

Selective exclusion is often a path that leads into the hallowed halls of ignorance. Xenophobia (an unreasonable fear or hatred of that which is foreign or strange) served a purpose in the past, wherein survival of the fittest was the only rule to literally live by, i.e. avoiding strange clans, sticking to one’s tribe.

However, this survival skill seems to have ingrained itself into the human psyche, subsequently rendering it near impossible to alter an idea once it has taken root. An easy instance of this behavioural pattern would be the obstinate assumption that plants are devoid of emotions.

The following video shows to some extent that plants are capable of functions that mirror the emotions expressed by animal kingdom. The extent of this ability is yet to be explored, but this video gives a rather positive indication that plants emote.

The next video is very interesting; it’s about the Singing Plants of Damanhur. Since 1975, a group of researchers have been exploring the potential of plants to not only ‘sing’ but also to ‘learn’ the art of composing music.  Amazing? Yes indeed.

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