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Psychedelischer Karneval im Herzen Zürichs auf 3 Stockwerken mit vielen Details plus einem angegliederten Hotel! Stetig beliebter, kommt in der bunten Meute aus allen Himmelsrichtungen regelrecht internationales Flair auf. Hotelzimmerbucher erhalten Rabatt und freien Eintritt. Neben feinster Musik mit psychedelischem Schwerpunkt, gibt z.B. ein Frühstück und einen Stand von Streetwork Zürich, die für Safer Party, Drogenaufklärung und -test bekannt sind. Bis Mittags um 12 dürfen alle Masken fallen gelassen werden!

physdelic-carnevalFull psychedelic party pleasure with lots of specials including the comfy ­package – option (room, breakfast and party)! We had a chat with the ­promoters.

Psychedelic Carnival… so it’s all about masks?

Our first party at X-Tra club was held on 11.11., the official beginning of carnival, that‘s how we came up with the name. Contrary to a traditional carnival event, our motto is: Masks off – Just be you and let yourself go!

Obviously this motto worked out pretty well, it’s already your 9th party…

Indeed, it’s great to see so many multicoloured Trance freaks arriving from all directions! The feedback from visitors and artists is amazing. It seems like we managed to bridge Psytrance scene‘s original roots and up-to-date party pleasure. Last but not least it’s great to see that the family vibe of our Carnival hasn’t got lost, although the event is growing from year to year.

Can you tell us a little about the venue?

X-Tra Club is located in a classic, Bauhaus-building in the centre of Zurich with 4 floors, so you‘ll have a very entertaining “up & down” between the different dance floors, bars and lounge areas. There is a hotel on top of the club, people who rent a room for the weekend will get a special discount plus free entry for Psychedelic Carnival! During the morning hours we will offer a breakfast AP-Logobecause we want to make sure our guests have a really comfortable stay. Apropos: Streetwork Zurich will offer lots of info and gimmicks for a safer party, also they are well-known for their drug education and testing.

Last but not least: What about the music?

It’s all about psychedelic sound, of course! We have a lot of top-notch Goa acts performing… lots and lots of good music till midday!

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