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somagarden kratom_capsula1Trüffel sind Magic Mushrooms von der Wirkung her sehr ähnlich. Abhängig von Art und Dosis nehmen sie dich mit auf eine Reise durch den inneren Kosmos oder einen extrovertierten Film voller Farben und Lachflashs. Einen großen Unterschied gibt es jedoch: Trüffel können nach wie vor legal eingekauft werden. Deshalb sind sie auch im umfangreichen Sortiment von Soma Garden zu finden, denn der professionelle Online Smart Shop operiert natürlich 100% legal. Wenn du Raucher bist, könnten dich die Harze interessieren, die auch als „Solids“ oder „Legales Hasch“ bezeichnet werden. Peyote- oder Hawaiianische Holzrosen-Samen, Kratom, Herbal Caps, Räuchermischungen… im Soma Garden gibt’s so ziemlich alles, was das Herz des Psychonauten begehrt.

Somagarden logoTruffels are a much sought-after delicacy for gourmets and psychonauts alike. While the former ones have to employ pigs and browse the woods to find their object of desire, the latter ones just have to browse the internet: Soma Gardens is the place to be for all psychedelic explorers.

As far as their effect concerned, magic truffels are very similar to magic mushrooms. The ingestion will provoke a dreamlike state of mind, depending on the variety it can be a flight through inner space or an extroverted adventure full of laughters. Intense visual effects are another thing commonly described by users. However, there is one major difference to magic mushrooms: Truffels are still legally available. That‘s why they can be found at Soma Garden. Other than in the Garden of Eden there‘s no forbidden plants among the vast product range.

If you are a smoker, their resigns could be an interesting discovery. Also referred to as ‚legal hash‘ or ‚solids‘, products like Green somagarden kratom_capsula1Party, Maroccan Caramello or Revolution Afghan keep up to their name. Another psychelicious aspect of Soma Garden is that you can find some really beautiful seeds here. Peyote, for instance – a plant that needs no introduction, but that surely needs a lot of patience to grow. Soma Garden provides detailed instructions how to plant your own cactuses. Or Hawaiian woodrose seeds, yet another heavenly delight. Kratom, Herbal Caps, legal highs… you name it, they have it! Being one of the longest-running and most professional smart shops on the internet, Soma Garden offers excellent service and even support via Facebook and Twitter. Plus there are always some nice specials, so it surely never gets boring.

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