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The scene in Switzerland started way back in the 90’s, with small and intimate parties. First big events and festivals were Zoom, Timegate, Maharaja, Biocosma, Atmosphere, Somuna.

The wide spectrum in musical and atmospherical variety, reaching from club parties with a more mainstream audience to more selective and intimate events in the fairytastic forests or up in the mysticals mountains. On the forefront here we have to mention the well known Summer Never Ends Festival, Shankra, One Love and the Burning Mountain Festival.
Party organizers such as Mystica, Psychedelic Carnival, Zora Events, Xerks Music, Virus, Psyberpunk Corp. & Digital Shamans from the french Part of the Country are well known institutions and a guarantee for an amazing time. The Aum Ritual and Elementra Festival are the newbies on the map and are more focused on the strong nighttime musical side. Very peculiar and well known artists hail from Switzerland, such as Ajja,Ace Ventura, Gaspard, Electrypnose, Braincell and Khainz. Record labels such as Unalome rec., Digital Shamans and of course 2to6 records are the outlet for high quality psychedelic music made in Switzerland.

Why to have fun in Switzerland? It offers a dreamscape soil to dance in, mountains, rivers, fresh air, clear water, sometimes a bit of rain and a very open minded liberal crowd. There are nearly every single weekend parties all over Switzerland. Due to the small size of the country, you can choose where to go and in a couple of hours you can reach any party you like. Sometimes it’s also really hard to make a decision where to go and meanwhile it also happens very often that some freaks are hopping around on 2 or more parties at one weekend. Co-operation with the government and affiliate entities is easy, if you are used to live in Switzerland and if you are well connected; as one of the most organized countries of the world, the standard is very high and it requires a lot of dedication to make an event happen.

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