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Everyday life gets you into big and small adventures. This is even more true for the weekend. And when you are DJ, producer, label owner and party promoter, all at the same time, it‘s getting really, really wild…

The brothers Sirko and Stephan from North Germany did not leave out anything: For one decade now they have been rocking the dance floors around the globe as the DJ team Montagu & Golkonda. They are the promoters of the Tshitraka festival which is an annual highlight, especially for Progressive lovers. Their label Blue Tunes is frequently in the news for its cutting edge releases. And finally, there are the two internationally very renowned projects Symphonix and True Lies.

So the name of the new Symphonix album was not chosen by random: ‘The Wild Life’. The two dudes from Schwerin tell some musical anecdotes from their adventurous life: ‘We experience our life as artists like this: Being on the road all the time, lots of parties in many different countries, getting to know new people all the time and having lots of fun with those, exchange experiences and experience a lot of weird stuff. We try to express different aspects of our life from that moment when you start for a journey, what you experience during the trip and finally when you are getting down and back home again.’

From a musical point of view they stay faithful to Progressive Trance. For this their five-year musical education gives them a real advantage, although it is quite some time back. They taught themselves how to use sequencers, samplers and synthesizers. When producing, Sirko and Stephan always work together. They tune every single sound until they are both completely satisfied with it. Cubase and Ableton Live are employed as well as also heaps of plugins. At the moment the guys do not really work with hardware but they definitely want to change this when they move into the new studio very soon. You don’t have to go half around the globe every day to get an impression of ‘The Wild Life’. This might also happen during your next club or festival visit. At least there is a soundtrack for it out soon!
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