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Solar Tech Records continues its search for serious Psytrance music, expanding its global network of relevant producers. For instance, there is Breathead from Guanajuato, Mexico. His strong, rolling basses and psychedelic delicacies make him a very promising newcomer. After a first EP at the end of 2011 he’s back on Solar Tech with another one, setting a new standard.
Not exactly a newcomer, but back on the scene after some rather quiet years is Silent Sphere. Being a fan of his sound himself since many years, Solar Tech’s DJ Natron is very proud of releasing a new EP followed by the 3rd album which obviously stands for a quantum leap in Silent Sphere’s sound evolution.

Speaking of Natron: He is currently collecting music for his new compilation, Solar Atmospheres 2. Taking up the idea of the first edition, it is an exciting cross-section of the label’s sound.
Last but not least there is WAIO, the 23-years young ‘prodigy of Psytrance’. Currently living somewhere between dance floors, airport terminals and studios of producer colleagues, the Brazilian youngster has loads of exciting new sound in the pipeline.

Also forthcoming on Solar Tech: EPs by Shockwave, Brainiac, Corona & Tulk, as well as Chabunk’s highly anticipated album.

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Solar Tech erweitert sein Netzwerk: Der Mexikaner Breathead ist mit kraftvollen, rollenden Basslines und psychedelischen Feinheiten ein viel versprechender Newcomer, seine zweite EP erscheint in Kürze.

Nicht wirklich neu, aber nach längerer Pause wieder zurück ist Silent Sphere, der auf einer EP und seinem 3. Album einen musikalischen Quantensprung vollzieht. Neben DJ Natron’s Solar Atmosphere 2 Compilation stehen EPs vom Psytrance-Wunderkind WAIO, von Shockwave, Brainiac, Corona & Tulk an, außerdem das ersehnte Album von Chabunk.

VA – Solar Science compiled by Armonix
Solar Tech’s DJ Armonix presents a supreme collection of tracks especially produced for that magic moment when night turns into day on an open air dance floor. Deep, rolling grooves are tickled by melodic sunrays peeking over the sonic horizon. A magic amalgamation of the energies of night and day!

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