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An Out of Body Experience or OBE is a phenomenon, wherein a person’s consciousness, separates from her/his physical body, and maintains the sense of identity outside the body. In many cases, the person is able to accurately describe their surroundings.

Robert Monroe was one of the forerunners in the study of altered states of consciousness. He released a number of books, documenting his journeys, and he also went on to create the Monroe institute.

A number of near-death experiences, wherein people report floating about their bodies, when faced with life-threatening or traumatic situations, are also a form of OBE’s.

Inducing OBE’s

The important part is to get obsessed with having such an experience, until it eventually registers into your subconscious. When you get into bed at night, tell yourself, that you wish/desire to have an OBE.


  1. Rope method: Imagine a rope dangling from the ceiling. Next imagine reaching out for the rope, and pulling yourself up along it. If you feel dizzy, then you’re doing it right. You should also feel vibrations, and a sense of being physically paralyzed may set it, but keep pushing forward, until you feel you have exited your body.
  2. Stretch-out method: Lie down, close your eyes, and visualize stretching your legs by an inch, then releasing them, similar to the motions of a rubber band. Now do the same with your head, as you continue, you should feel vibrations, and floating sensations.
  3. Hammock Method: Picture yourself, lazing on a white hammock, swinging back and forth, enjoying yourself. Then when the vibrations start, try to roll-out from your body.
  4. Watch this video:

Image credit: Louis Dyer

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